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Vacuum System Wand - NuTone CT170 CLEARANCE ITEM!!!

Nutone CT170 Vacuum System Wand
Nutone CT170 Vacuum System Wand
Item #: BLU-CT170
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This is a CLEARANCE ITEM. This could be due to dinged packaging; minor scratches or maybe the product was sent for review or tried by customers and then returned to us. Every 'CLEARANCE' item has been inspected and found to be in good operating condition; all are basically "like-new". Sometimes we have items that are not 'CLEARANCE' item at all, but have been discontinued from current production and we need to liquidate inventory. Availability is not guaranteed. All orders are on "First come, first served basis". * DUE TO THE MASSIVE DISCOUNTING, ALL SALES ARE 100% FINAL & SOLD "AS IS".

Vacuum System Wand  CT170 CLEARANCE ITEM!!!

The  Nutone CT170 Vacuum System wand is an adjustable one piece ratcheting wand that extends 26'' to 39'' at one inch intervals.  This Wand can be used with your CH520/620 wire reinforced hose sold separately. The positive ratchet mechanism locks into place on the CT700 Power head Sold separately for your Vacuum System wand. This Vacuum System wand is for use with the Nutone CT700 power nozzle and 20'' series Vacuum System hoses ch520 and ch620 hose only.

How to identify the different hoses for new CT700 w/CT170 or CT175

549N has a 2 position red lighted rocker switch that moves forward & backwards (will not work w/CT700

Ch510&Ch610 has a black 3 position rocker switch that moves forward& back(will not work w/CT700

Ch515&Ch615 has a 3 position black rocker switch that moves side to side(Order CT175 &CT700)

Ch520&Ch620 has a 3 position oval slide switch that slides forward and back(Order CT170&CT700)

572 has a red push button on the underside of the handle low voltage(will not work w/CT700

Ch230&Ch230L has a 2 position black rocker switch low voltage(will not work w/CT700

Ch235 has a 2 position rocker switch on top- low voltage( will not work w/CT700

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