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Wired Door Chime - Nutone LA305WL

Nutone LA305WL Wired Door Chime
Nutone LA305WL Wired Door Chime
Item #: LA305WL
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Wired Door Chime Nutone LA305WL

The wired Door Chime Nutone LA305WL Walnut door chime features a beveled edge, raised brushed brass insert with polished brass floral design, and brushed brass resonance chambers, it does not hit the brass tubes but hits a chime plate that resonates inside of the solid brass tubes. This Door Chime can be used for up to three entrances, eight note, or four note chime for the front door, and a separate one note tone for second and third doors. This Door Chime can easily replace an existing two note chime without rewiring by using battery for the needed 2 wire. This door chime is a 4 wired chime, 2 from the push button and 2 from the transformer c905(sold separately. When you only have 2 wires then a battery option is available to make up the 2nd  set of missing wires.

  • Raised Brushed Brass Insert With Polished Brass Floral Design
  • Brushed Brass Resonance Chambers
  • For Up To Three Entrances, Eight-Note Or Four-Note Chime For Front Door, And Separate One-Note Tone For Second And Third Doors. Can Easily Replace Existing Two-Note Chime Without Rewiring
  • 9-15/16" Wide X 16-9/16" High X 4-1/4" Deep
  • Uses A 16-Volt Transformer (C905)
  • Replaces Nutone C305Rwn And Broan Rc305Rw


Wired Door Chime Nutone LA305WL

  • -15/16" Wide X 16-9/16" High X 4-1/4" Deep
  • Uses A 16-Volt Transformer (C905)sold separately

Wireless chime systems use radio frequencies (RF) to transmit a signal from the push button to activate the chime. To prevent interference with your neighbor’s wireless chime, Heath/Zenith chimes come with 128 different security codes. This code technology makes sure your door chime only works when your push button is activated. Heath/Zenith wireless push button could have a range of 100-150 feet. Wireless chimes allow you to easily add to, or replace your current chime, even if it is wired. Several Heath/Zenith push buttons utilize patented LED lights to illuminate the button giving you the look of a traditional wired push button. All Heath/Zenith wireless chimes and push buttons are compatible. RF does not penetrate solid rock or brick walls.

Wired chime systems are mostly commonly installed when homes are built. These hardwired chimes draw power from your homes electrical wiring, but power is “stepped” down through a transformer to create a safe low voltage system. There are two types of wired chimes: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical hardwired chimes work with tone bars and a solenoid. The solenoid strikes tone bars, creating a familiar Ding-Dong sound. Some electronic wired chimes use a speaker and sound files to create chime sounds. Electronic chimes offer more sounds than just a traditional Ding-Dong.

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