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Broan Roof Mounted Attic Fan 350BK (350BK)


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A must in hot climates
R. Clark
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I purchased the Broan 350BK to replaced an older attic fan that had burnt out over the summer. The Broan 350 was significantly lighter than the unit being replaced which made handling the unit on the roof a lot easier. The construction and materials used, particularly the base metal flashing, are quite robust and I like the 'brushed' look of the PVC plastic dome.

The installation itself is quite simple for anyone with modest carpentry (I highly recommend using the template which comes printed on the box) and electrical abilities. If you do choose to do it yourself, I recommend installing an isolation switch (available online or from your local hardware store) just prior to the fan so that it is not energized year round. If you have not done any roofing work before, I highly recommend getting a pair of adjustable roofing brackets and a long 2" * 10" scaffolding plank or board to provide a stable work area while working on your roof.

The unit has worked great since installation and there is a substantial difference in the air temperature in my attic, particularly in light of the high temperatures this summer.

One thing to note: unlike most older fans, this attic fan will run until the air temperature in the attic is 10 degrees below the set point. I have mine set to ~110'F so it will start to run once the attic temperature hits 110'F and continue to run until the temperature has dropped to 100'F.
Reviews 1-1 of 1
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