Broan QTXE080 Bathroom Fan

Bathroom Fan - Broan QTXE080 (QTXE080)

Broan QTXE080 Bathroom Fan

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Great Bath Fan
E Kwok
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I've installed this in my bathroom with shower in tub. I had a lot of peeling paint due to humidity getting underneath the paint and bubbling it up. The room would be humid and misty like a sauna after someone takes a hot shower. I got this fan due to the low sone rating (0.3) and low amperate/wattage requirements. The 6" duct helps to reduce the noise from the fan. The fan was about as loud as the old Vornado fan that I used to have years back. It was fairly silent but does a great job of sucking out all the air from a room. Now the bathroom stays well vented, and no condensation can be felt on the walls nor seen on the mirror. It's money well spent!

Installation was a breeze and everything works like it is supposed it. No bad surprises.

I highly recommend this over the 4" duct models which are much louder. From outside the bathroom, you can't hear the fan, but inside if everything is off and you just listen, you can still hear it going. So the more quiet the fan, the better off you'll be in the long run.
Reviews 1-1 of 1
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