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AirVac AVR7500 Vacuum System Power Unit

AirVac AVR7500 Vacuum System Power Unit
AirVac AVR7500 Vacuum System Power Unit
Item #: AVR7500
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Vacuum System AirVac AVR7500

The Model AVR7500 Red Series Bagless Central Vacuum System is a bagless central vacuum system power unit. The AVR7500 vacuum system power unit is modular in design with nested components that reduce storage space and shipping costs. The nested design also simplifies handling, installation and service.

The AVR7500 vacuum system power unit has 551 peak air watt capacity and can be installed in homes up to 7,500 square feet. For installation flexibility, both the intake and exhaust ports can be connected from the left or right side. A front-mounted utility port allows easy connection of a hose directly to the power unit for local cleaning. The vacuum system power unit’s control panel has a power switch and power indicator.

The vacuum system power unit's permanent fabric filter provides filtration down to .1 micron diameter. The debris bucket on the bottom of the power unit holds up to 6 gallons of dust and dirt. Two easy-to-access swing-down latches secure the debris bucket and are used to remove the debris bucket for emptying.

The central vacuum system’s power is controlled through a low-voltage wire that connects to each wall inlet valve. When a central vacuum hose is inserted into the wall inlet valve, two sensing pins in the valve connect to the trigger ring on the hose end. Some hoses have a solid trigger ring that electrically connects the valve’s sensing pins whenever the hose is inserted into the valve, which starts the vacuum. Other hoses have a split trigger ring that’s connected to a low-voltage control switch in the hose’s handle, allowing the operator to control the vacuum unit’s power.

A foam-filled muffler is included for installation in the exhaust system piping. The muffler substantially reduces operating noise. Routing the vacuum system power unit’s exhaust through piping to outside the residence assures all remaining dust vents outside of the building.


  • High-efficiency, two-stage filtration for superior cleaning
  • High air watt rating while maintaining low operating noise
  • Power indicator
  • Bagless design with debris bucket, no bag to replace
  • Power unit exhausts outside the living area so dust and dirt do not recirculate
  • Hose can plug directly into vacuum at utility port for local cleaning

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