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Ironaway Ironing Board Replacement Cover

Ironaway Cover/Pad Replacement Pad and Cover for Ironaway Centers
Ironaway Cover/Pad Replacement Pad and Cover for Ironaway Centers
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Ironing Board Replacement Cover & Pad

In Wall Ironing Board Replacement Cover and Pad for all your Iron A Way, built in Ironing Centers. This replacement cover and pad is  for all 42" and 46" inch In Wall Ironing Board.  Iron a Ways In Wall Ironing Board sometimes needs to change the cover and pad.  Is yours warn our looking old, you can put a new one over your existing old worn out pad with this IPAD. That's what this cover is for any 42" or 46" built in ironing center. This is a replacement cover for your In Wall Ironing Board.  It is  easy to change out and only take minutes to replace. It laces back and forth and is the most stready replacement pad on the market. These In Wall Ironing Board ironing covers just tie into place on your ironing board. This cover will fit the built in 42" or 46" ironing boards by Iron a Way.  For more, see the additional information sheet with picture to help you change out the pad.

Note: Before removing the existing cover and pad from your ironing board, examine how it is installed since this will be helpful when installing your replacement cover and pad.

Replacing a Non-Swivel Board Cover & Pad

Note: Before removing your existing cover and pad, raise your ironing board and examine how your cover and pad is currently installed. This will be helpful when installing your replacement cover and pad.

Step 1

Remove the old cover and pad by cutting the strings underneath the back of the board on both sides.

Step 2

Leave the board in the ironing position. Place the new pad on the board extending the edges slightly over the tapered end of the ironing board.

Step 3

Now place the cover on top of the pad and extend the edges of the cover approximately 1 ½” over the new pad.

Step 4

Place your hand on the nose of the board while slightly pulling one drawstring at a time in order to partially secure the cover around the nose of the board.

Step 5

Before final tightening of your cover and pad, for a 42” board you will need to fold underneath approximately 6” of excess cover underneath the pad.

Step 6

Once folded underneath, place hand over the tapered end of the board to keep the cover and pad in place while raising the board back into the cabinet.

Step 7

Thread the ends of each drawstring starting from the inside of the pad and cover and using the middle set of eyelets for a 42” board or use the bottom set of eyelets for a 46” board. Pull the string through each eyelet.

Step 8

While firmly holding your hand over the nose of the ironing board to keep the cover and pad in place with one hand, tighten the drawstring on one side by pulling snuggly.

Step 9

Shown in the image below, thread the drawstring through the eyelet found on the outside edge of the cover. Going from the inside to the outside.

Step 10

Now bring the string underneath creating a loop and place end through the loop.

Pull tight to finish the knot. Repeat this step to double the knot.

Step 11

Let’s move to the other side. This time you will pull the drawstring slowly and very tight.

Step 12

Pull the excess drawstring through the lower eyelet. Continue repeating the pull process. By adjusting a few times you are tightening up around the entire perimeter of the board.

Step 13

Now repeat Step 9 through 11 and cut the excess string off each side.

You're Done!

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Ironing board with a mirror on the front
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I bought two ironing boards with mirrors. It came in two parts. One package for the box and the other package for the mirror. The contractor did hang the box, but no one dared to open the mirror so as not to damage it. When it was time, They opened the mirrors only to find that both were damaged. I called the company but they apparently don't insure their products to make more profit. They said that I had to report it within two weeks so they can blame the carrier(company) and make them pay. I was furious because I bought a third ironing board with a front mirror from wayfair and when I reported it to wayfair they apologized and immediately sent a replacement and it was way past two weeks. My advise is not to deal with this company. Their products are not insured. If you discover anything wrong or malfunctioning past two weeks then they have no way of blaming the carrier and you are out of luck. I noticed that their packaging was very deficient but they don't care since they depend on blaming the carrier for any damage. I learned not to deal with below average small companies like that and to deal directly with wayfair or overstock etc. I don't think they should get 1 star for their rating.
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