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iChime Musical Door Chime

iChime Musical Door Chime
iChime Musical Door Chime
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Magnetic Reed Switch (comes with magnet)

Musical Door Chime IChime

The IChime Musical wired door chime is an easy 2 wire installation, that can replace your existing wired door chime such as the Nutone LA52WH. This door chime has so many features to offer just to name a few, it can store up to six custom user recordings, works with lighted front and back door buttons, built in 4 level volume control, and can be extended with up to two optional speakers,model CHKSPK1 sold separately. This door chime can be wired for business entry door chimes, requires 4 AA alkaline batteries, and no complicated USB software necessary.

Record Anything" Door Chime
  • Replaces your existing wired door chime
  • Easy 2 wire installation from push button to chime
  • Quick disconnect from wall for setup
  • Large speaker for full, rich sound
  • Can store up to six custom user recordings
  • Works with lighted front and back door buttons
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically
  • Can be extended with up to two optional speakers (Model CHKSPK-1)
  • Built in 4-level volume control
  • Can be wired for business entry door chimes
  • Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries instead of a transformer
  • No complicated USB software necessary

Note: This product is not wireless

**Can be used to replace Nutone LA52WH**

 Installation Manual

5" x 7 3/4" x 2"

Q: How can I load new sounds when it is mounted on the wall?
A: There is a backplate which mounts to the wall with screws and anchors that are included. The wires connect to that. iChime can then slide easily off the backplate so that you can take it to your PC, iPod or CD player to load and test new sounds. It then can slide right back in place on the backplate.

Q: If this is a wired product, why are batteries required?
A: You'll probably want to take iChime off the wall when recording a new sound. To do that, batteries are required for operation. Also, all electronic door chimes need a source of power after you release your finger off the doorbell push button. Some products require you to install a small part called a diode on the back of the doorbell button, which is another step and can sometimes be difficult to do. Using batteries makes installation much easier.

Q: I had a wireless doorbell that kept draining batteries. Won't that be a problem?
A: No. A wireless doorbell is constantly consuming power because it must always "listen" for the radio frequency code sent from the doorbell button. This causes the batteries to die quickly. Since iChime is not wireless, it only uses power when it is actually making a sound. So 99.9% of the time it is taking no power from the batteries at all!

Q: Is the doorbell pushbutton included?
A: No, but any standard button will work. We do stock and sell one on our ordering page.

Q: Is an additonal speaker included?
A: No, but any standard 8 ohm 1/2 Watt (or greater) speaker can be used. We also sell an auxiliary speaker in the same housing as the doorbell.

Q: I have a front, back and a side door on my house. Can I use more than two buttons to ring iChime?
A: Yes. The back door input plays a different sound. But you'll have to wire two of them together so you won't be able to tell which one of those was pressed.

Q: How much recording time is there for my own sounds?
A: There is a total of 56 seconds and each of the six locations can have up to 20 seconds of recorded sound. So for example you can have two 20 second recordings and one 16 second recording, or five 10 second recordings and one 6 second recording, or any other combination.

Q: After I record my own sound can I erase it and record something else?
A: Yes, you can simply record right over it or you can erase it and use that room in another location.

Q: How do I erase a recording?
A: Switch to USER and select the location with the selector dial. Then press the REC button and release it quickly as soon as you see the red light come on. You will know that the location is fully erased if it beeps when you press the PLAY button. Note that if you leave iChime pointing to an erased location it will play "Ding Dong" when the front doorbell button is pushed.

Q: Is there a way to erase all recordings at one time?
A: Yes. Switch to USER then press and hold the REC button. After you see the red light come on, press and hold PLAY along with REC. After about 2 seconds it will beep twice indicating that all six user locations have been erased.

Q: Can I use iChime as a door chime in my business when someone opens the door?
A: Yes. iChime will work with a varitety of different devices such as a floor mat or door switch in order to trigger it. See our installation page for more information.

Q: How loud is it?
A: Very loud. iChime has been designed to be heard in an average sized home. Most people do not use the loudest volume setting. For larger homes, basements, etc., a auxiliary speaker (or even two) can be added.

Q: Does iChime come in any other colors?
A: No, not at this time.


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