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Ironaway AL42 Wall Ironing Board

Ironaway AL-42 Electric Built In Ironing Center
Ironaway AL-42 Electric Built In Ironing Center
Ironaway AL-42 Electric Built In Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
Ironaway A-46 Built In Electric Ironing Center
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Built in Ironing Center IronAWay AL42

This Built In Ironing Center IRON A WAY Model AL42 Built in Ironing Board, with its universal design soft retractable board because of the cleaver hinges that make this Built in Ironing Center helpful for people with wheel chair or handicap issues. This will help you to adapt  this into an existing home or for new construction. The Iron a Way Built In Ironing Center  features a comfortably three height adjustment to meet the needs of the person who prefers to sit while ironing yet they can be installed to meet the accessible reach requirements for someone who will be seated. The result is an ironing board that exemplifies the possible changing needs of the homeowner over a lifetime. This All wood Poplar Built In Ironing Center allows you to choose the door that is right for your decor. Finish Dimensions 15 x 60 5/8 x 7 3/4, Rough in dimension 14 3/8 x 59 15/16 x 3 7/8.

The Built In Ironing Center  board  features a spring activated fold down ironing board for ease in lowering the board. A Built In Ironing Center work light, digital timer, safety disconnect switch, hot iron rest, additional storage shelves, electrical cord wrap, solid poplar wood cabinet and garment bar are added standard features completing this unique universally designed ironing board and ironing center. Includes cover and pad

Built in Ironing Center IAL42 IronAway

  • Meets ADA requirements.
  • Comes standard with birch unfinished veneer door over a multi-density fiber board.
  • 90 degree left/right swivel steel vented board with cover and pad
  • 4" height adjustment, metal plated telescoping legs, soft close board hinge with finger touch
  • Can be used while seated or standing.
  • Built in power timer.
  • Built in Light. (Bulb not included) Silent motor timer, auto safety disconnect switch
  • Upper and lower Iron storage selves
  • Unit may be surface mounted (unit extends approximately 7 3/4" into room) or recessed (unit extends approximately 3 7/8"" into room) into any wall with standard 16" center studs made of solid poplar wood.Surface mount kit sold separately
  • Rough in dimension 14 3/8 x 59 15/16 x 3 7/8
  • Finish Dimensions 15 x 60 5/8 x 7 3/4
  • 2-Storage shelves 9 1/4 long and 3 5/8 wide

Optional features

White Flat MDF Covered on Poplar Door
Birch is Stain or Paintable Unfinished Door
Maple is Raised Unfinished Maple Wood Door
Pine is Raised Unfinished Wood Door
Oak is Raised Unfinished Wood Door
White is Raised and Finished Door

Mirror has a 1/4 Plated Glass with Polished Edge Finish Stainless top and botton sides raw unfinished.

Built in Ironing Center IronAWay AL42

  • Overall height: 60 5/8”Overall width: 15”
  • Overall depth including door: 7 3/4”
  • Dimension from wall to outer edge of door (when recessed): 3 7/8”
  • Penetration into opening: 3 7/8”
  • Wall opening height: 59 15/16”
  • Wall opening width: 14 3/8”
  • Wall opening depth: 3 7/8
  • Rough in dimension 14 3/8 x 59 15/16 x 3 7/8
  • Finish Dimensions 15 x 60 5/8 x 7 3/4

Specification Sheet
Installation Guide

Standard Features

  • 42” Ventilated Metal Board w/4" Vertical Adjustment
  • 90 Degree Left/Right Swivel
  • Spring Activated Fold Down Board
  • Electrical System
  • Spotlight/Less Bulb
  • Garment Bar
  • Upper and Lower Hot Iron Storage
  • Electrical Cord Wrap and Restraints
  • Built-In Safety Switch
  • Hot Iron Rest
  • Additional Storage Shelf
  • 60 Minute LED Digital Timer
  • Full Length Piano Hinge
  • Ironing Board Cover and Pad
  • Unfinished Flush Birch Door
  • Fully assembled and ready to install

Optional features

How do we get replacement cover and pads?

Ironing Board Cover and Paid is a standard feature on all units. Replacement cover and pads can be obtained directly from IRON-A-WAY. In fact, you can order online right now!

If we don’t order the swivel now, can we get it later?

The swivel is not a retrofit item. Since it utilizes more interior space due to its rugged undercarriage, the frame on a swivel cabinet is deeper than cabinets without swivels. For this reason, swivels must be ordered at the time of purchase and cannot be added later. Where applicable, all other options available on the ironing centers can be added after the original purchase.

Can we order the ironing center without a door?

“No Door” option is one of the available options. If selected, the unit will arrive without a door allowing you to match custom cabinetry. When this option is selected the piano hinge and door hardware is not included with the unit. This is done so you can match hardware with your cabinetry.

Does the door come pre finished?

All wood doors come unfinished so you can customize your unit to match the room décor. Interior has been painted a cool gray saving you hours of unnecessary finishing time.(NE-242 with white flat door comes standard with white interior and exterior color.)

What are the door dimensions?

Door dimensions for all models except the A-46 and AL-42 are 15” W X 47 7/8”. The Model A-46 and AL-42 door dimensions are 15" X 60 5/8”.

Can the door be hinged on the left side?

Yes, all units may be ordered with a left-hand hinge at no additional charge. All units come standard with a right-hand hinge. (As you face the unit the hinge is on the right-hand side of the cabinet.)

Will it hold all irons?

The hot iron storage area is designed to hold the majority of all major brands of irons with the exception of very large, specialty irons designed for the sewing industry.

What is the warranty?

One-Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty covers all defective parts returned to factory for replacement, other than light bulbs, installed units, finished or stained doors, ironing board cover and pad. The warranty does not include labor for installation or replacement.

Can the board swivel before it is lowered completely into the ironing position?

No, the board must be completely lowered before the board can be swiveled.

Is the white colored door a paintable surface?

The white flat door is melamine. The white raised panel is a thermo foil. Both are a finished surface not intended for paint
Jul, 12 27

Steam ironing removes creases faster than dry ironing because when fabrics are damp the fibers are open so the creases haven't taken hold.

Do the ironing centers fit between the studs?

All models, except the NE-242 (surface mount), are designed to fit between standard 2” x 4” studs on 16” centers.

Can the ironing center be installed at any height?

One of the benefits of owning an ironing center is you can have it installed at your desired ironing board height. However, most ironing centers seem to be installed with a 34” – 35” ironing board height.

Are the ironing centers difficult to install?

The ironing center is very easy to install. The product basically requires identifying the desired location, cutting and removing the drywall, slipping the unit between the studs and attaching it with the installation screws provided. All units are pre-assembled and ready to install.

Are the electrical models hard to wire?

Electrical models are pre-wired so they only need to be pigtailed with the incoming electrical wire. The pigtails are located at the bottom of the electrical raceway. All electrical work must be done in accordance with all applicable electrical codes. Electrical models utilize 15 AMPS.

Where does the electrical wiring enter the ironing center?

The electrical models contain a raceway that has an knock-out for entry of the house's electrical wire at the top of the raceway.

Can the ironing center be recessed into a cabinet rather than in a wall?

The ironing center can be recessed into a cabinet. Since your cabinet will have the door, you simply purchase your ironing center without a door. However, the door dimension for the model of your choice is very important since it determines the opening size requirement for your cabinet. An added tip for this type of installation is to purchase the surface mount trim and add it to the ironing center prior to installation in the cabinet.

The surface mount package trims out the sides of the ironing center so they are flush on all four sides. This will make the installation into the cabinet easier and quicker. 

Is the wood on the cabinet frame that extends into the room when recessed or the entire cabinet when surface mounted pre-finished?

The exterior of our cabinets, as well as our doors, are unfinished so that you can stain or paint to match your décor.

Do most homes stain the cabinet frame to match the door or do they match the cabinet frame to the wall?

This is really a matter of choice but it would be typical that the cabinet frame matches the ironing center door.

Can I make my ironing center flush with a wall or cabinet?

You can make your ironing center flush with the wall or the cabinet provided that the depth of the wall or cabinet is equal to the depth of the ironing center. Irons by themselves require more depth than a typical 2"x4" wall so unless you customize the installation, the ironing center will extend into the room some distance.

Can the ironing center be installed into metal studs?

This type of installation can be completed, but you will need to use mounting screws designed for use with metal studs. Additionally, given the design of metal studs, in your rough-in opening, one stud will need to be trimmed out with a piece of wood to fill the cavity designed in the bend of the metal stud.

Do all the units have to be recessed?

With the exception of the NE-242, all cabinets are designed to be recessed mounted. However, all models can be surface mounted. When doing so, we recommend adding the surface mount trim package (except on the NE-242) so your cabinet sides are flush with the cabinet frame.

Frequently Asked Product Questions

What type of wood do you use in making your ironing centers?

The cabinet frame is made of poplar and the door is dependent upon the what you select. (i.e. Oak, Maple, Pine.) We use poplar for both its ease of use in construction, but also its ability to match color when staining doors of other wood species (i.e. Oak, Maple, Pine.)

Where is the electrical outlet to plug in the iron?

The electrical outlet is at the bottom of the raceway where it is out-of-sight and more conveniently placed when using your ironing center.

Can I add an electrical raceway to my non-electric model?

You can add our electrical raceway to a model NE-342 but not to our Model NE-242. Additionally, by adding any other kind of electrical parts (other than an IRON-A-WAY raceway) to either model nullifies your warranty and we are not responsible for any damage it may cause to your ironing center or your home.

What is the recommended size of the light bulb?

We recommend a 30R20 with a standard base and 2 1/2" diameter. This bulb is available at most stores that sell light bulbs.

Does all the door hardware come with the no-door option?

No door hardware comes with the no-door option since it's assumed that the installer will desire to match other cabinet door hardware.

Can you paint either the white flat or white raised panel door?

Painting either the white flat or white raised panel door is not recommended. The flat birch door is recommended when painting a flat style door and when painting a raised panel door the determination is made on the desired grain of wood. Each door will show a slightly different texture. Oak has a more open grain, Maple more closed and Pine a softer wood.

What irons fit into the ironing center?

The ironing centers being produced today contain an over sized storage area and hold the majority of irons being sold today. If you own an ironing center that was purchased many years ago, given the changes in the styles of steam irons, please contact our customer service for specific iron models that will store within your ironing center.

Is the hot iron rest different from the hot iron storage?

The hot iron rest is a feature that allows you a place to rest the iron while turning your garment. The hot iron storage is the place where you store your iron when you are ready to fold-up the board and close the door.

What type of material is the cover and pad?

Both the cover and the pad are heavy duty and industrial grade designed for years of use. The cover is a 50/50 poly/cotton blend manufactured with a finish designed for steam irons. The pad is a 21 oz needle punch material that provides a level of cushioning preferred by our customers over the years.

What are the electrical requirements?

All electrical models are rated at 120V ac, 1500W max, 15 amps.

Does the swivel board turn in both directions?

When the ironing board is lowered, the swivel allows the board to turn 90 degrees in either direction until the board is parallel with the wall. Additionally, there are conveniently placed stopping points as the board is being turned.

At what point does the board begin to swivel?

The mid-point where our board begins to swivel is dependent upon the size of the cabinet. On the cabinets that hold our 46" board, the swivel point is 26 1/4" from the wall. On the cabinets that hold our 42" board, the swivel point is 26 5/8". (For actual measurements, please see the specifications for the model you are selecting.)

Does the ironing board have to come down all the way before swiveling?

The swivel mechanism does allow for the board to clear the cabinet allowing it to begin swiveling before it has been fully lowered. However, we recommend that you have the necessary clearance dimensions as shown in our specifications for the model that you are selecting.
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