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Intrasonic RETROMV4PAC Intercom Upgrade Kit

Intrasonic Retro Intercom Kit
Intrasonic RETROMV4PAC
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Intrasonic RETROMV4PAC Intercom Upgrade Kit


(1) RETRO-M White Master with Built In  Ipod / MP3 Music Dock 

(1) RETRO-MTP MASTER FRAME (10" High X 18" Wide) (Cutout 5 3/4" X 13 7/8")

(4) RETRO-5R White Room Stations

(4) RETRO-5RV ROOM AND PATIO FRAME  (10" High X 7 1/2" Wide) 

(1) RETRO-D  White Door Speaker (built in chime)

(1) SET of Master Unit Mounting Brackets so that existing rough in housing can be re-used

(1) System Transformer

IntraSonic RETRO-M Distribution Home Music Intercom System

Replaces almost any old M&S System's, NuTone, Broan, IntraSonic, AudioTech Intercom System's and re-use the existing wire.

Replace and Update your existing Intercom System with the New and Exciting RETRO-M Music Distribution and Intercom System. Designed to replace Old Home Intercom System's and operate on existing wire from intercom system's. The RETRO-M intercom unit has a built-in AM/FM radio. Plug in an mp3 player such as iPod, iPhone, Zune or any other hand held player into the master and share your music with the entire family.

Choose between two music sources and listen to the radio in one room and the mp3 in another location.

The RETRO-M Home Intercom offers the latest technology in Automatic Selective Call for private communication. The Intercom is broadcast throughout the home, but the Intercom becomes private once it is answered. Offering hands free communication for the person receiving the call, the RETRO-M has the capability to monitor single or multiple zones. This is a very unique feature not offered by most music intercom system's!

IntraSonic Portable Music Bay

PMP (Portable Music Player Bay)
Plug and Play iPod, iPhone, Zune, Phones or any other mp3 players through a 3.5mm plug (18� cable with 3.5mm males ends included with master). 


IntraSonic Master Unit Adaptor Plates

The RETRO-MAB Master Adaptor Brackets and RETRO-MTP Master Trim Plate give you the ability to install the new RETRO-M master unit into the existing rough-in.  The Trim Plate is used to eliminate the need for dry wall repair in most cases.  You are able to replace the existing intercom master without removing the existing rough-in box in most cases.


Installs and Operates on Existing Wire 3,4, 6 or 7 wires
Expands to 13 Zones, 2 Doors and 1 Auxiliary Input
Station Tuning at Room Station
Supports 8 ohm In Wall or Ceiling Speakers
Plug in mp3 player to master and share
Built-In AM/FM Radio
10 AM/FM presets
Optional door release
Listen/Talk Intercom
Monitor rooms & built in Privacy Option
Door Intercom
Automatic Selective Intercom for private communication
Hands-Free Intercom for receiver of call
Individual Volume Controls for Intercom and Music
Colors available White, Almond, Black Built-In Chime 
Master Dimension: W 15 X H 6
Master Trip Plate Dimensions 10� X 18 ��
Room Station 5� Trim Plate Dimensions 10�W X 7 3/8�H
Room Station 5� Trim Plate Dimensions 7 3/8�W X 10�H
Room Station 8� Trim Plate Dimensions 11 ��W X 11 ��H

� RETRO-MAB Master Adaptor Brackets


The RETRO-R Intercom and Music Room Station

The RETRO-R Intercom and Music Room Station have the option to choose between two sources (Radio or Auxiliary Input) in every room.  Listen to the mp3 in one room and the radio in the other room.  Upgrade the sound by connecting 8-Ohm ceiling or in-wall speakers.  Choose between single or a pair of the I30C Ceiling or I30W In-Wall speakers.  Use the Automatic Selective Call from any room station.  The Intercom will broadcast to every room and then becomes private once the call is answered.  Monitor individual or multiple rooms and is great for monitoring children.

Choose between two music sources and listen to the radio in one room and the mp3 in the other location.


RETRO-R Room Adaptor Plates / Frames for Retro installations

Room Adaptor Plate allows the Intercom Room Station to be installed into the existing rough-in.  The Room Adaptor Plate and Trim Plate are designed to cover larger holes for vertical and horizontal room stations to eliminate the need for drywall repair.  Trim and Adaptor Plates also available for 8� Room Stations. 

Colors Available are White, Almond or Black

Trim Plates Dimensions
RETRO-MTP Master Trim Plate 18 �� W X 10�
RETRO-5RH Horizontal Room Trim Plate 10� W X 7 3/8�H (Includes Adaptor Plate)
RETRO-5RV Vertical Room Trim Plate 7 3/8� W X 10�H  (Includes Adaptor Plate)
RETRO-8AT  Trim Plate for 8� Room Stations 11 �� X 11 � (Includes Adaptor Plate)


RETRO-D Weather Resistant Door Station

The RETRO-D weather resistant Door Station has a built-in chime with four selectable notes.  The door station features Hands-Free Intercom with the option of a door or gate release.  Any door station can be answered from any room or patio station.  Also available is the RETRO-DAP Door Adaptor Plate.  Colors Available are White, Almond or Black.

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