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Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board

Ironaway E-42 In Wall Ironing Board
Ironaway E-42 In Wall Ironing Board
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Ironaway E42 In Wall Ironing Board - E42WDU
Item #: E42WDU
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In Wall Ironing Board IronAWay E-42

Our metal ventilated board differentiates itself from the earlier wooden ironing boards. The traditional built-in wooden board only needed to be hard for the dry irons of the day. Today�s advanced steam irons are designed to project bursts of steam to penetrate deep into the fabric. This allows for removing wrinkles with less effort. Yet, using them on a wooden ironing board caused a build-up of condensation on the board and hot spots when ironing. Our metal ventilated board allows steam to pass through the fabric keeping the surface dryer and providing a more even-heated ironing surface.

Key Features:

  • 42" Ventilated Board
  • 60 Minute Motor Timer
  • Electrical System
  • Storage Shelf
  • Full Length Piano Hinge
  • Ironing Board Cover & Pad
  • UL Listed
  • Garment Bar
  • Spotlight/Less Bulb
  • Unfinished Flush Wood Door (Maple Veneer Unfinished)
  • Built-In Safety Switch
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • Outside Dimensions15� x 52� x 7 ��
  • Rough-In Opening Size14 3/8� x 51 1/4� x 3 7/8�

Not only is it convenient to store your iron inside the unit, but the location keeps the iron out of children�s reach. There�s no reason to let your iron cool down, the insulated heat shield allows for immediate shelving. The hot iron storage area has been designed to accept the majority of steam/dry irons available at retail, including many premium models.

No reason to worry if you�re temporarily called away or unable to continue your ironing!The silent motor timer offers safety and convenience. Just set the dial to the desired time. The On/Off indicator will let you know the power is on. Power shuts off automatically once the time has expired. If you�re called away, just place your hot iron into the hot iron storage and lift the board into the upright position, the electrical safety switch disconnects power instantly. This feature is standard on all models numbers containing an "E" which defines "Electrical".

Storage is not a problem with our ironing centers! All models will include an additional storage shelf, our 60" wood cabinets include two storage shelves. Keep all your ironing aids in one handy location!

The garment bar is helpful when you have more than just a few garments to iron. The garment bar can hold multiple clothes hangers, making it more convenient to perform continuous ironing. This feature is standard on all other models except the IAW-42.

Do you want to create an environment that provides optimal surroundings when ironing out all the wrinkles? When ironing garments in insufficiently lighted areas, our spotlight will enhance your ability to iron out those sometimes not found hard to spot creases and crevices. This feature is standard on all models numbers containing an "E" which defines "Electrical".

All Centers come with a cover and pad, that laces underneath the board, it is the most secure in the industry This fits any 42" or 46" board, as it has a draw string to tighten it to the size of the board.

All centers come with a piano hinge full length, you will never have any issues with bending or warping, this is built to last

Models come standard with a flat maple veneer door. All wood doors come unfinished and can be stained or painted to match your decor. White doors do not require finishing. Mirror is full length, 1/4" plated glass with polished edge. Mirrored door is shipped separate for added protection. No door option is available to match your cabinetry. Keep in mind the door hardware is not included when ordering a "No Door." This consists of the Piano Hinge, Roller Catch Assembly, and Garment Bar. If you would like a "Door Hardware Kit," add them by choosing this option within the Optional Features section.

The Maytag Smart Fill - M800 is a trendy iron and steamer in one. The innovative removable water tank allows you to fill it while the iron is heating. Heating takes less than one minute with the new speed heat technology. The iron�s innovative controls for water spray and steam surge provides dramatic results. The stainless steel sole plate enables the smoothest glide and the 360 degree tangle free cord offers the ultimate freedom of motion. This iron�s quality, design, and function will compliment your IRON-A-WAY ironing center.

The sleeveboard is placed on top of the main board and used when you want to iron sleeves or smaller garments that won't fit over the nose of your regular ironing board. When in use, the sleeveboard rests on top of the main ironing board, nothing holds it in place. Please note, when not in use the sleeveboard is not stored inside the unit, it must be stored in another location than inside the unit itself.

The kit is necessary if planning to surface mount rather than installing in between studs
Surface Mount Kit finishes out back sides of unit for flush finish
Wood pieces can be stained or painted to match cabinet
Unit will protrude approximate 7� to 8� rather than 3� � 4� depending on which model purchased

In Wall Ironing Board Model E-42

Specification Sheet

Overall height: 52 �

Overall width: 15 �

Overa ll depth including door: 7 3/4 �

Di mension from wall to outer E dge of door (when recessed): 3 7/8 �

Penetration into opening: 3 7/8�

Rough opening height: 51 1/4 �

Rough opening width: 14 3/8 �

Wall opening depth: 3 7/8�

In Wall Ironing Board Iron-A-Way E-42

Installation Instructions

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