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6" Automatic Make-Up Air Damper

Broan MD6T Range Hood Damper
Item #: MD6T
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Make-Up Air Dampers

for Broan SmartSense and selected BEST and Broan range hoods
6" w ired motorized make-up air damper

Broan Make-Up Air Damper system is part of our continued effort to be the leading developer of the highest quality ventilation products for exceptional indoor air quality.

Why Make-Up Air
Changes in how homes are designed as well as building codes and standards have created the need for an affordable and energy-saving make-up air solution. Homes are consistently being built more tight to make them more energy efficient. A tight home requires mechanical exhaust, but also a means to let "compensation air" into the home to replace exhausted air to ensure proper ventilation.

Current Solutions
Until now, the solution involved the use of a barometric damper to let air into the home when the pressure in the home is negative compared to the outside. Since a barometric damper is typically attached to the "return-air" plenum, it is "fooled" into letting outdoor air into the home during heating and cooling cycles. This translates into a significant and unnecessary energy cost penalty for the homeowner.

Broan Make-Up Air Dampers
The Broan line of make-up air dampers removes the undesirable energy cost penalty from the equation. Broan Make-Up Air Dampers operate only when it is necessary to let compensation air into the home. This is accomplished by the SmartSense fans and/or selected BEST or Broan range hoods communicating with the Broan Make-Up Air Damper when it is time to open and let compensation air into the home.

The SMD Broan Make-Up Air Dampers communicate with Broan SmartSense and selected BEST range hoods using LinkLogic®. LinkLogic is the INSTEON™ enabled Broan-NuTone technology that facilitates communication through existing power lines in the home. For selected BEST and Broan range hoods, we also offer dampers that communicate over a dedicated connection between the range hood and the damper.

When a fan or range hood is turned on, the damper opens and lets fresh air into the home. When turned off, the damper tightly closes and prevents unwanted air from entering the home during heating and cooling cycles. This provides synchronized operation for complete and effective kitchen, bath and whole house ventilation.

Models The Broan Make-Up Air Dampers consist of:

SMD6/SMD8 - LinkLogic enabled for Broan
SmartSense and selected BEST LinkLogic enabled range hoods. Available in 6" and 8" versions.

MD6T/MD8T/MD6TR/MD8TR - Direct-wire versions for selected BEST and Broan range hoods. Available in 6" and 8" versions.

Damper Model
SMD6/SMD8 - Used With* SSQTXE080, SSQTXE110, BEST IP29, BEST CP4 Series

Damper Model
MD6T/MD8T- Used With* Broan Elite E60000, Broan Elite, E64000

Damper Model
MD6TR/MD8TR - Used With* BEST WT32 Series (Late January)
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