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VacuMaid S3600 Cyclonic Twin Power Vacuum System with DC1240

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Vacuum System S3600 with DC1240 Dirt Canister 

The VacuMaid S3600 is a split canister central vacuum system. This two part vacuum system includes the motor power unit and a separate dirt canister, used for dirt collection and filtration. By having a split vacuum system, you are able to hang the dirt canister in an easily accessible location for ease of maintenance, while the motor is housed in a location away from the living environment, such as a garage or basement. The S3600
 features two powerful, Premier 7.2” tangential by-pass motors and cyclonic filtration. The cyclonic filtration works by swirling the dirt around inside the canister, separating the large debris from the small. The larger debris falls to the bottom of the dirt can while the lighter dirt and dust is vented straight outside of your home. The new 14” diameter dirt canister, designed especially for our high airwatt motors, has improved filtration, now as much as 98% efficient. As with all of our VacuMaid central vacuum systems, using the S3600 can help decrease asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust and allergens from your living areas. Vacuuming with these central vacuums provides a powerful, efficient cleaning job that will rid your home of these allergy-triggering irritants.
S-3600T Power Unit
with DC-1250

Vacuum System S3600 with DC1240 Dirt Canister 

Motor (2) 7.2" 2
Stage Tangential By-Pass
Voltage 240 A.C.
Max Amps 16.4
Max Air Watts 1268
Airflow CFM 229
Sealed Vacuum "H2O 137 Filtration
Cyclonic Sound Level 78 db
Dirt Can DC-1240
Capacity 38 Qt.
Dimensions Power Unit Dia. 14 7/8 Ht. 20 1/4
Dimensions Dirt Can Dia. 16 1/8 Ht. 40 1/4
* # of Valves 14-20
* Max Pipe Run 300 ft.
* Up to Total Sq. Ft. 18,000+
* The above figures are approximate and the table is for reference only and not intended as a strict guide.
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