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Cadet CEH005-P The CEH

Cadet CEH005-P The CEH
Item #: CEH005-P
Price: $389.13
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Cadet CEH005-P The CEH

Calculate the heat loss of the area to be heated. This heater is recommended that one of the following methods be used: ASHRAE Guide and Data Book (The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers); The NEMA Handbook (The National Electrical Manufacturer's Association); or the ACCA Manual J (The Air Conditioning Contractors of America). The layout of the space to be heated must be taken into consideration to determine the selection of the best size heater and air displacement. Most applications benefit from a combination of vertically and horizontally discharged air delivery. In buildings with large doors that are frequently opened, use a high velocity heater with horizontal air flow across the opening, or use an infrared heater. In smaller areas where comfort is a prime consideration, more heaters of smaller capacity are recommended. Smaller KW heaters are also recommended for low mounting heights to avoid discomfort and increased noise levels. Additionally, there is better air distribution by using a greater number of lower KW heaters. This heater can go up to 240V, 5000V.

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